New Products

.Hardwood furniture:

Our hardwood furniture is machine-made from the Indonesian type of mahogany.

These are supplied as standard from the factory with a 3-layer protection system. It is an oily substance that provides initial protection.

For long-term protection, the product should be provided with an extra layer of oil after commissioning.

If desired, you can easily change the color of your furniture yourself: degrease and then finish with an alkyd-based exterior paint.

Small cracks and deformations can occur. This is a property of these types of wood and should be considered normal.

Teak furniture:

Our teak furniture is made from Indonesian teak. Teak has protective oils and is therefore naturally durable for outdoor use. Treatment is therefore not necessary.

The teak will get a natural patina gray color due to the influence of the weather.

If desired, you can suppress this natural aging process by regularly applying special teak oil.